Barre Fitness

What is BARRE?


Gabriella Lacopo: Owner & Certified Barre Instructor in Laval, Quebec.

Barre fitness focuses on isometric strength training; also known as "PULSES" targeting multiple muscle groups at once. 

Some of our classes are higher in cardio intensity and inspired by boot-camp interval training while other classes are inspired by Pilates exercises; promising you those tone and lean muscles. 

Barre has sustained past the "trend" and we guarantee that only after five classes, you’ll see changes in your body, gain strength, and tone those hard-to-target muscles in your core, arms,  and legs.

Anyone; no matter their age, weight, or  fitness level—can hit the bar and get results! 

Barre will also improve posture and work a woman's pelvic floor. This is also a perfect exercise for pre-natal and post-natal women.