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Crystal Meditation + Reiki

December 15.

An afternoon of Crystal Meditation, Davids Tea, and more on the power of Reiki Healing✨
SUNDAY DECEMBER 15 , 1:30 pm
An afternoon to delve into the art of meditation using crystals to connect to a state of bliss.

Along with @__delicatehealing and @mantrahj , join us for a peaceful afternoon of breathing our way to inner bliss. With the holiday season upon us, we get lost in the art of giving to others and sometimes forget about ourselves. This workshop is designed to empower the art of giving love to yourself, so that you are fueled of abundant energy for your loved ones.

🎄❄️Since this event is so close to the holidays, everyone attending the event will get a 10% Discount on nūbarre purchases.
GIFT BAGS will be given to all attendees💛✨
*PALO SANTO, a PERSONALIZED Crystal & Raffles by our hosts to WIN

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Saturday Dec. 7. 2 pm - 3:30 pm

Yoga Tune Up®- Breathe in, bliss out

This workshop breaks down the mechanics of down-regulation, or conscious relaxation. 

Learn how to breathe correctly with sedating exercises from yoga, body therapy, meditation and self-massage  using Yoga Tune Up ® balls. You will unbind muscular tension, relieve the body from the effects of stress and anxiety and enter into a profound state of rest.

No yoga experience necessary, students of any level are welcome.

Nūbarre members: $35

Non-members: $45  


Do you believe in the spiritual gifts within you? .
What we see a lot of these days is people seeking healing & guidance from various “spiritual healers” out there. We believe that one should never grow dependent or seek spiritual guidance from others because we all have the spiritual gifts within us ✨We can all develop a direct personal relationship with the Divine by nurturing our intuition with a little light and love 💛

These Spiritual Sundays events are held once a month and  are meant to help you look within & nurture these gifts. There are several spiritual practices available for personal development, spiritual growth & enlightenment . By developing our own gift, we begin to love ourselves unconditionally, remove any limiting beliefs ; knowing we are capable of SO MUCH MORE✨

(Meditation, contemplation, visualization, mantras, affirmations, crystals, tarot, etc) you can find the practice that best connects to you.


The art of Meditation. Sunday, March 24th 9-11am

A morning to delve into the art of meditation.

Join us in a peaceful and loving environment as we breathe our way deep within our inner self and uncover the light that shines within.

We will have the opportunity to experience several levels of consciousness as we move through a wide range of meditation practices and spiritual tools such as crystals, a Tibetan singing bowl, a Gong and much more!


Move & Manifest with Marisa.Sunday Feb. 24th-4pm

There are 2 paths in life :
You arrive at this crossroad over & over.
This is a 2 part EXPERIENCE.
Part ☝🏽: a mindful movement practice - letting go of whatever keeps you stuck in SHOULD.
Part ✌🏽: tuning in to your inner voice (your Truth) and discovering what is rising in you (your MUST).
: If you want to know MUST, you need to know SHOULD. : Manifesting your MUST is honoring who YOU are (before being told who you SHOULD be).
: Your heart strings will be pulled. Whatever you’re avoiding will surface. Whatever you’re being called to feel, will be felt. 👉🏽About ME : For the first time, I am sharing my years of self-study in a way I have never done before. Over the last decade, I have studied/practiced/experienced mind, body, spirit connection with world renowned teachers. Now, it is my duty to share, guide, and help others do the same. This is a two hour experience that goes beyond the “workshop” label. If you want to understand your patterns, gain self-confidence, or connect to your spirit - make this a MUST!