Our Group Classes are SemiPrivate Limited to 8 Participants.

nū barre


Join us for a classic barre class! Inspired by ballet to help us connect to our femininity. Tone & Lengthen with our signature nū barre class. Pliés, Battements, Arabesque, First + Second position and so much more. No props used in this class, simply our body weight, 2 or 3 pound dumbbells and our BARRE BALL! 

Barre Sculpt


Super sculpting full body toning workout. Our one hour full body workout promises to get you that toned bod you’ve always wanted. Classes are always different and offer different props to add to our toning session. Pilates-inspired exercises, barre, BODY BAR, Sliders, Tube Resistant bands, Dumbbells, Ankle Weights, and mat work! 

*Suitable for all levels, Modifications available during class for different levels. SEMI-PRIVATE feel, classes are limited to 8 participants.



Using nothing more than a couple of resistance bands, ankle weights, dumbbells and your own body weight, your Glutes will thank you! This class is perfect for those who are looking to target this specific muscle group.

Latin Barre


Combining our classic barre moves that we all know and love with a hot latin flair. This class will give you those Shakira hips and JLO Booty by mixing slow fluid movements with fast snap back control. For all mamasitas looking to expand their barre routine or for those looking to start a new one- this class is for you! Get toned and strengthen your body by using props such as ankle weights, body bar and resistance bands all while  listening to hot latin beats

Barre Circuit

barre circuit interval

Inspired by interval training. This  barre class is held in a circuit style format that keeps you moving. So there is also a cardio component

Barre-Body Burn

barre barre babe nutritionist laval

Total body sculpting class that targets each muscle group effectively to completely transform your BODY. The barre-body class incorporates strength training, intervals of cardio, core strengthening and stretching to effectively improve endurance and flexibility

Jessica is also a Holistic Nutritionist  and is Prenatal Certified.