Our Group Classes are SemiPrivate Limited to 8 Participants.

Barrebody Burn


Join us for a classic barre class! Inspired by ballet to help us connect to our femininity & to tone & lengthen the BODY. Pliés, Curtsy's, Battements, Arabesque, and so much more. Class incorporates body weight exercises + intervals of CARDIO  to ensure a true BODY BURN. Core strengthening and stretching to effectively improve endurance and flexibility. We use props such as 2 or 3 pound dumbbells, BARRE BALL, resistant bands & more. 

*Suitable for all levels, Modifications available during class for different levels. SEMI-PRIVATE feel, classes are limited to 8 participants.

Barre Sculpt


Total body sculpting class that targets each muscle group effectively to completely transform your BODY. Barre Sculpt incorporates strength training using bodyweight, BODY BAR, Sliders, Tube Resistant bands, Dumbbells, Ankle Weights, and mat work! The main different between our Barrebody Burn & Barre SCULPT class is that there is no CARDIO Sequence in a Barre Sculpt class.

*Suitable for all levels, Modifications available during class for different levels. SEMI-PRIVATE feel, classes are limited to 8 participants.

nūBooty & Core


Our ultimate Booty Burnin' class. Low-impact exercises that work your booty muscles to fatigue.

You will feel that glute-mind connection that is so imperative to toning up your derrière. 

During this class, we talk A LOT about being Mindful of the movement when working on our glutes, Mindfulness and proper isolation is what leads to definition & results. 

Once you come, you'll know ;)

By mindfully activating  your glutes through such classic barre exercises, such as clamshells and donkey kicks, you will establish that mind-body connection to increase the nervous system’s ability to contract the glute. This works to build the butt. Plus, the more you get your mind on board with your glutes, the more you're able to use them more effectively in squats & other classic booty exercises that we also incorporate in class.

This class will have you SHAKING while engaging your muscles in new, stronger way. Shaking = fatiguing = building a perkier butt.



Combining our classic barre moves that we all know and love with a hot latin flair. This class will give you those Shakira hips and JLO Booty by mixing slow fluid movements with fast snap back control. For all mamasitas looking to expand their barre routine or for those looking to start a new one- this class is for you! Get toned and strengthen your body by using props such as ankle weights, body bar and resistance bands all while  listening to hot latin beats

Barre Circuit


Inspired by interval training. This  barre class is held in a circuit style format that keeps you moving. So there is also a cardio component

Begin the Barre


This is BARRE for beginners. This class runs at a slower pace and is there to help you achieve proper technique & posture in order to maximize all future workouts.

You are not obliged to start with "Begin the Barre", if you are a new member. However; the option is there if you wish!