About Gabriella

nūbarre Creator


Many ask me how nūbarre came to life. As women, we all have had our difficult times; times where we question ourselves, our worth, our beauty…  creating nūbarre came from those beautiful insecurities. The nūbarre glow is about accepting our insecurities and learning to love ourselves by building our confidence from the inside out!

I've always been into fitness. Crossfit, Gym memberships, Yoga, Pilates etc. It was not until I discovered Barre that I completely changed my lifestyle. I fell in love with how I felt about myself after a Barre session. This is what I tell all my clients... find a workout that suits your personality, one that truly connects with your inner self, and you will see that your dedication and the way you feel about yourself will change drastically. It all starts within. 

When I moved to Laval, there were no barre studios in sight + and that is where the idea began. 

In a matter of one year, I left a career that no longer served its purpose for me, moved to Laval, adopted a highly energetic puppy, got engaged, planned our wedding + got married -all while opening up my vision that is nūbarre. 

Needless to say it was a stressful year full of self-doubt, uncertainties and high expectations! 

But my faith in building this community was greater than all those fears. I love connecting with women. Women of all ages and all walks of life. Sharing my journey with them and learning from theirs.  I love providing them with guidance; Teaching them about Courage, Self-Love, Determination, Prioritizing time for themselves+ sticking to it. I love being part of their new chapters: Proms, Weddings, Mommy life, etc. I love introducing them to barre and watch them fall in love with the practice. I love watching the change that happens to a woman's reflection right after she gets a HEALTHY TAN. We all feel so much better about ourselves when we sweat it out and get a healthy GLOW.  

nūbarre is the first to marry these two services together, a concept brought to life by a moment of inspiration that quickly grew into an obsession and I couldn't be more proud. My hopes for nūbarre are greater + keep growing with the years and I am so thankful to all my nūbarre community who choose to be on this journey with me! XOXO